Making Memories Last is a service to help organize and preserve your photos and life-long memories.  Who doesn’t have stacks of printed photos tucked away in a shoebox or other “temporary” storage space just waiting to be organized chronologically and creatively into a scrap book or album?  And while most of us have visions of what we’re going to do with these photos “some day,” most people just don’t have the uninterrupted extra time in their life to actually get it done. That’s why I’m here!  Your old photos are precious and belong somewhere other than boxes under the bed.








Some of the services provided include (click on title to read description below it):


Digital Photos: Are your favorite photos of your last vacation lost on your computer hard drive somewhere (or maybe still on your camera)? I will organize your digital photos into one location on your computer within chronological folders. They can be uploaded into iPhoto or other organization software based on your preference.

Printed Photos: I can work with you to create an organizational and storage system for your past and future printed photos. This may be putting them into photo albums or storing them in photo boxes in chronological order.


Are your kids starting school and their baby album is still empty? If you have a vision of completed scrapbooks or printed photo books but just can’t find the time, let me help. Tell me your vision and I will create that final product for you.


Digital photos are a great way to keep the past alive, at your fingertips and easily available to share with others. So if you have a box of old family photos stashed in a closet that are the only remaining copy of family memories, this is the service you need. I will scan old photos to preserve a digital copy and provide you with a cd and/or additional prints.


One thing I strongly recommend is having multiple back-up copies of your digital photos. If your computer crashes, the photos you have stored there would be gone. Photos can either be backed up onto an external hard drive or burned to cds.


If you have favorite photos that you would love to display in your home or office but just don’t have the time to get it done, let me help. I will work with you to find an appropriate frame and mat color for your photo to provide you with a beautiful end product.

*I am also open to special photo projects that you might have in mind.  Please contact me with any questions.


How It Works

The first step would be to meet so you can introduce your project to me.  Together we will formulate a vision and what you would like the end product to look like.  I charge an hourly rate plus the cost of materials (books, printing, scrapbook materials, etc).  Depending on what type of end product you are looking for will determine how long it will take me.

Give me a call 404-906-0597 or email to schedule a time to get started making your memories last.

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